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Becky Leighton

Posted: April 26, 2019

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types of jobs in operations management

You’re looking for an operations management job.

Before we look at what positions are available for you, let’s look at what the general role entails.

What is Operations Management?

An operations manager is tasked with overseeing all business operations; ensuring that systems run smoothly and work is completed in both time and budget restraints.

Although an operations manager might be hired to look after one department, usually the individual is involved in the supervision of many sectors within a business. For example, the operations manager might assist in the management of the finance, marketing, sales, and HR departments in a company in order to have an awareness of all processes. This allows the operations manager to look for ways to streamline the systems to ensure maximum efficiency.

How do I get into Operations Management?

If you are looking to become an operations manager or wanting to change your current operations management job, it is always recommended that you equip yourself as much as possible. Skills can be learnt either through business experience or by taking a relevant short course in operations management.

What are the fields of Operations Management?

There are wide opportunities for new-to-the-business individuals, experienced operations managers and general directors to become involved in the exciting world of operations management.

The key fields in operations management are:

Business Operations Manager

This path is arguably the best for a first operations management job. The role involves the oversight of general business activity related to project or company planning, scheduling and budgeting. The general business operations manager has a hand in optimising processes and corporate infrastructure to keep production or service management at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest quality.

Materials Manager

The operations manager specialising in the control of the materials of a company has a focus on all phases between the production and completion of a product as well as the logistics of storage and transportation for all goods. The materials manager should have key skills in tracking systems, storehouse control and logistical administration.

If you are looking for Operations Management jobs in the materials management field, you might consider becoming a traffic manager, a warehouse supervisor, or a logistics advisor for a company.

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing could be a major focus for a person with sales and financial experience who is looking for operations management jobs. The purchasing manager is responsible for buying the supplies and raw materials that a company requires for operations as well as ensuring that any goods purchased are delivered on time. All purchases done by the purchasing manager should be the best product at the best price.

A person in this role should have key skills in budgeting and negotiations. Someone who is thrifty or well-suited to saving and finding the best deal will have an advantage in this position.

Production Manager

The production manager is similar to the materials manager in terms of supervising the production processes as both roles are involved in the management in the goods department on the company. However, the production manager is more involved in the manufacturing systems of the product, focusing on quality control, equipment maintenance, and scheduling protocols.

Operations management jobs in the production field could be the line manager, the manufacturing coordinator, or the production supervisor.

Operations Researcher

While hands-on management appeals to some, others prefer the theoretical and academic approach to operations. An operations researcher is tasked with finding the best ways to use a company’s resources. This includes financial assets, human resources, time, and equipment. The theory behind operations is not as straightforward as it might seem and researchers are responsible for making the processes which are used for management more streamlined and simple.

Logistics Manager

The logistics manager of a company has a key focus on the processes and systems in the business operations. This role is a mix between the materials manager and production manager. The person who is responsible for overseeing the logistics is usually focused on receiving raw materials for production and shipping out goods once completed. The role also includes keeping track of the inventory and general sales figures.

Take a short course in Operations Management

The skills necessary is covered in the Operations Management short course we offer. Through this course, you gain insight into the fundamental pillars in a business and how you can use these to succeed in objectives you are assigned to in your time as an operations manager. You also gain the skills in approaching the processes in the business while managing internal and external relations. The 8-week course also teaches you how to identify and execute operations management strategies which will see your operational plan completed excellently.

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