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Jessamy Amic

Posted: August 7, 2020

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The world of South African business would not be the same without the incredible women who have fought their way to greatness, overcoming all obstacles on their path. We are forever inspired by their bravery and boldness, and we are so thrilled to be celebrating Women’s Month so that we can pay tribute to our very own killer queens… GIBS lecturers Caren Scheepers and Lisa Botes!

Caren Scheepers (PhD)
Strategic Leadership

Caren has been part of the GIBS faculty for an incredible 13 years, all the while continuing to run her own business and offer consulting services for numerous organisations. She boasts a remarkable academic career, holding a PhD in psychology and three coaching certifications from both UCT and the International Coach Federation. Caren’s studies, and her two years as a practising psychologist, have given her a passion for helping people to further their own development. Her extensive experience in the fields of management consulting and executive development has also provided her with an in-depth understanding of the workings of the human psyche, especially in an organisation, allowing her to effectively identify any problem areas and implement creative and effective solutions and strategies.

Caren lectures the BRAND NEW Strategic Leadership Digital Programme in which she teaches students to be the innovative and empowered leaders that the world needs, both today and tomorrow. Through a comprehensive and multifaceted curriculum, she looks at the importance of interdependence and interconnectedness in effective leadership; the challenges of internationalism; and key theories, tools, models and methods of leadership.

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Lisa Botes (MBA)
Negotiation Skills

Lisa’s academic record is one for the books – she not only holds an MBA (from none other than GIBS), but has also earned a diploma in electrical engineering from Wits Technikon, a BCom from UNISA, and a certificate in Management Advancement from Wits Business School. She has been operative as a consultant for over nine years, and has worked in a wide range of industries including finance, mining, IT, education and healthcare. Prior to her consulting career, Lisa held a number of senior sales and marketing positions in which she headed up strategy development, retail contract negotiation and national strategy implementation. She has gained an extensive knowledge and understanding of business relations and psychology, allowing her to give her clients the tools necessary to influence business decisions and negotiate to win.

Lisa heads up the BRAND NEW Negotiation Skills Digital Programme, allowing her to use her extensive knowledge and practical experience to train students in negotiating powerfully and effectively. Her syllabus will help you to build your confidence, self-awareness and interpersonal skills through the teaching of tried-and-tested negotiation approaches, tools and processes.

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Business may be tough – but our wonder women are tougher. We stand in awe of their boldness, courage and unapologetic strength – today and forever.

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