Team Building: What is it? by Micaela Thomas

We recently asked our Marketing Project Manager, Micaela Thomas her thoughts and snippets on team building. This is what she shared: How might one describe team building? Is it endless backlogs of work aching for relief with a few extra hours perched behind a desk and an enormous cup of tea? (I am a firm […]

Finding great success in your business management career

Business management as a career is dedicated to organising, planning and working towards effectively running a business. All tasks in a business management career are aligned with the team and the management of individuals to ensure that systems run smoothly and that people are working efficiently towards the overall holistic success of the business. An […]

Project management steps: Crucial for successful projects

Project management is a crucial component in sticking to all things important. From budget plans to ensuring deadlines are met, it’s important that tasks fall within their allocated resources and it’s up to the project manager to make this happen. Project management, as a process, is a calculated, step-by-step process and following the project management […]

The 8 Crucial Principles of Risk Management

While there is no step-by-step risk management plan that will work for every industry, there are a number of practices, frameworks and processes that have been laid out by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) to guide businesses in effective risk management.  These come under the key principles of risk management. What is Risk Management?  Risk […]

Digital Transformation: The Critical Nature of Disruptive Systems

Things are radically different today than they were a few years ago. Changes are happening in business and they’re happening quicker and more thoroughly than ever before. If businesses fail to keep up with the movement towards the integration of digital technology, they will fail to stay relevant. This is why digital transformation is key. Digital […]

Introduction to Business Management: What You Need to Know

Business management involves the supervision, organisation and coordination of business resources and operations to achieve specific objectives. A business manager has a wide range of responsibilities and daily duties that need to be performed to ensure the overall health of the business and its projects, cash flow and team members. In this, we explore the introduction […]