MasterStart and Coventry University launch landmark microcredentials to improve access to key skills in Africa.

Jessamy Amic

Posted: September 22, 2021

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Today, we at MasterStart have announced our exciting collaboration with Coventry University – a UK-based institution that was recently ranked best in the world for online courses. These four new microcredential courses are designed to unlock leadership potential within the next generation of leaders. The Coventry collaboration is aligned towards developing sustainable leadership, responsible governance and improving knowledge of key topics including digital marketing, data analysis, and managing diversity and inclusion.

Learners who wish to grow their skill sets can join one of the seven-week online programmes that are delivered through the MasterStart online campus. The focus is on humanised online learning where delegates will have the opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn from faculty and peers alike.

“Education is key in empowering people to grow their capabilities and their confidence so that they can become the leaders that the world needs today.” Ben Pike, MasterStart CEO

This partnership gives students the opportunity to take a step forward as future-ready leaders, carefully nurturing their specialised hard skills as well as valuable human skills to gain the confidence and competence to thrive in their careers. 

The courses are dual accredited, meaning graduates gain credits from both Coventry University in the UK and SABPP in South Africa. In a world that has shifted significantly towards remote working, this is a truly unique benefit and allows graduates of the programmes to enhance their employability on the international stage. Furthermore, the microcredentials that are built into each programme allow for flexible and respected learning journeys where they can build on their CV over time.

We at MasterStart couldn’t be any prouder of the new collaboration and look forward to it enhancing the career prospects of thousands of our learners. It will expand on our educational approach of combining the best of content developed by industry leaders with the rigour of academic credentials. Learners can read up on the new microcredentials here:

Ben Pike, MasterStart CEO, concludes that: “We see leadership potential in a diverse range of people from a broad range of backgrounds. We focus on building the real-world skills that people need and the human skills that leaders need to be effective in the world in which we live today.”

Realise and unlock your leadership potential with Coventry University and MasterStart. 

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