MasterStart South African workforce barometer

How are South Africans feeling about the work environment

How are South Africans feeling about the work environment?

What is the mood among South Africa’s workforce? How do we feel about the longevity of our careers? Do we feel equipped to evolve our skills and stay relevant? Is political and economic uncertainty taking its toll? Are we concerned that artificial intelligence may replace us? Follow us as we decode these interesting south African workforce statistics.

We commissioned research house imagineNATION Alliance to survey a diverse sample of over 1000 people to find out how South Africans are feeling about their employment prospectives.

The survey found that the overriding sentiment amongst our workforce is one of worry. Most respondents believed the job environment was tougher now (July 2018) than 10 years ago. The pace of change has changed. And our workforce is worried it won’t keep up. The findings reveal a workforce that’s looking for ways to future-proof itself. With Industry 4.0 a global hot topic, South Africa’s workforce is highly aware of artificial intelligence but doesn’t currently count it as the biggest threat to job retention.

Read the top 10 key findings from the survey here: MasterStart Workforce Barometer Report 2018.


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