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5 Ways companies can improve their inclusivity & diversity

8th March 2021

Recent news headlines, and frequent public faux pas, show that corporate South Africa has a long way to…

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The era of feminine leadership has arrived

8th March 2021

COVID-19 has placed demands on people and organisations in almost all aspects of their daily lives. From going…

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What are you doing for yourself?

24th February 2021

If you want something done, ask a busy woman. There’s reason to believe that reliability and busyness go…

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The 7 Important Steps of Strategic Management Process

15th December 2020

The Strategic Management process is an approach to business which dictates everything from planning to execution and ensures…

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3 Things Cyril Ramaphosa Has Taught Us About Leadership

8th May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the leaders of the world into dark and dangerous waters as they have…

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Leader vs Manager: How to direct a business excellently

29th July 2019

A leader vs manager: Are they the same? What is the better way to head up a business?…

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What are the qualities of leadership that Nelson Mandela taught us?

19th July 2019

Yesterday we saw individuals giving their 67 minutes to valuable causes across the nation. The demonstration of kindness…

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What are the top five leadership skills in business management?

16th July 2019

Leading effectively requires more skill than simply being able to give instruction. To lead a team into success…

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Leadership Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

12th July 2019

Establishing a business takes tenacity, creativity, and determination. When it comes to leading a company, you need a…

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Three characteristics of good leadership

10th July 2019

What is leadership? If we have to consider what the definition of leadership looks like, we can say…

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