Leading When You’re Not in a Leadership Position

Businesses across the globe are facing a leadership crisis. The 2021 Global Leadership Forecast warns that companies don’t have enough leaders who can lead in an environment of unpredictability and near-constant crisis. Of the 1,700 organisations and 15,000 global leaders surveyed, only 11% said they had a “strong” or “very strong” leadership bench (a company’s […]

5 Ways companies can improve their inclusivity & diversity in the workplace

5 Ways companies can improve their inclusivity & diversity

Recent news headlines, and frequent public faux pas, show that corporate South Africa has a long way to go to really action inclusivity & diversity in the workplace. Diversity and inclusivity have become something of a cliché – boards and management teams talk about them, but how many actually look at them as something that […]

The era of feminine leadership has arrived

The era of feminine leadership has arrived

COVID-19 has placed demands on people and organisations in almost all aspects of their daily lives. From going online (transforming digitally) to working remotely, and – perhaps most critically – demanding a change in consciousness from leaders across the globe. The pandemic has not only irrevocably shifted the ‘employee experience’, but also highlighted our need […]

What are you doing for yourself?

What are you doing for yourself?

If you want something done, ask a busy woman. There’s reason to believe that reliability and busyness go hand-in-hand. First, those who are juggling a lot have good systems to avoid dropping balls. Women, especially, think like project managers: intuitively scheduling, planning, imagining various outcomes and eventualities, setting contingencies in place – usually all before […]

The 7 Important Steps of Strategic Management Process

The 7 Important Steps of Strategic Management Process

The Strategic Management process is an approach to business which dictates everything from planning to execution and ensures that strategic thinking is at the forefront of all operations. If everyone buys into the Strategic Management process, things in the business will align and stand the chance of running much smoother. What are the 7 Steps […]

3 Things Cyril Ramaphosa Has Taught Us About Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the leaders of the world into dark and dangerous waters as they have had to balance public safety, economic concerns, nationwide lockdowns, travel bans, and many other interconnected factors. The strain has been immense, and some have certainly handled it better than others – among them is none other than […]

Leader vs Manager: How to direct a business excellently


A leader vs manager: Are they the same? What is the better way to head up a business? In this, we explore. Although they share many traits, leaders and managers are not identical in practice. There are clear differences which set the two roles apart from one another. Learning to manage might be important, but […]

What are the qualities of leadership that Nelson Mandela taught us?

Leadership qualities

Yesterday we saw individuals giving their 67 minutes to valuable causes across the nation. The demonstration of kindness we see on 18th July is something which we can – and should – incorporate into our daily lives to see change consistently take place. Not only was Mandela a humanitarian, but he was also a leader […]

What are the top five leadership skills in business management?

Leadership skills

Leading effectively requires more skill than simply being able to give instruction. To lead a team into success with excellent, essential skills are needed to inspire, cast a vision, and motivate. With the right leadership, staff members are inclined to work harder because they feel as though they want to achieve. Learning leadership skills takes […]