South Africans are concerned about their working futures

The economic and political situation in South Africa has all of her citizens concerned about their job security, especially in the years to come. A research report conducted by MasterStart reveals that a mere 23.8% of working South Africans believe that their current skills will keep them employed in ten years time. One undeniable fact […]

Introducing: Grant Evans

Meet The man Behind¬†operational models to mitigate the risk of wind loss for wind farms through an insurance vehicle. Grant Evans is a professional in operations management and operations management principles. He has distilled his practical working skills, and applied them to numerous operations projects for increased business value. 1. What is the highlight of […]

A balanced life: work and study

As people, we have an innate drive within us to succeed and better ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to our career. Whether you are looking to study to get that promotion or secure your next job, increase your earning potential or job security, a balance of work and study is key. But […]