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Online participant, Joris Goudriaan: construction project manager

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USB-ED project management online short course testimonial.

Joris Goudriaan has seen the world with open eyes from a very young age. Growing up in Italy and thereafter leaving for Belgium at the tender age of 14, Joris has an array of experience in Operations Management. After he finished University in Brussels, Joris started one of the first Web design companies in Belgium, in 1992.

In 1996, he joined a Belgian subsidiary of a U.K company that developed and implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for the fresh produce industry. He has experience with tracking and tracing, logistics as well as company financials.

Joris has been actively involved in all areas of business, “from grower to pack house to harbour by ship to EU warehouse to wholesaler to store”.

Joris moved to South Africa in 2000 and started a local subsidiary for the same company. After the U.K went through the global financial crisis, He decided to stay in South Africa and ended up creating smart programming for apps and open source software algorithms.

Joris adds “I joined a transport brokering company specialising in the logistic service provision to the oil rig repair industry in Cape Town. I left the company when it was merged with a larger transport company. Since then I have been a project manager in the construction industry”.

Joris enrolled in the MasterStart Project Management online short course because: “I wanted to have a well-rounded understanding of Project Management and to fill the gaps in my understanding of Project Management theory”.

The wise man belongs to all countries, for the home of a great soul is the whole world. – Democritus.

Joris is truly a world voyager and has had vast experience in many aspects of various types of businesses. So we asked him to highlight the benefits of studying online, from his personal experience with MasterStart and USB-ED. “The main benefit was the ability to create my own time management schedule, secondly, the ability to do it online instead of at a particular faculty, is the saving in travel time and travel frustration with the increasing traffic congestion around the Cape”.

Joris learnt that even though he has a wealth of experience and knowledge, that he is still a young, hungry student at heart. He continued on to say that he is striving for a a very specific goal after this online short course from MasterStart and USB-ED. Joris wants to obtain a PHD in Project Management at the University of Stellenbosch next year.

This was his first online learning experience and as mentioned before; it was this online course from MasterStart that has inspired him to take the next step towards career growth and success. Joris is going to enrol in USB next year to obtain his formal Project Management qualification.

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Debtors manager: Abigail Bock

A day in the life of-human-resource-management-online-course

USB-ED Financial Management online short course testimonial.

Born and raised in Knysna, Abigail stems from an academic background. Her father, now retired, was a school principal. She is the youngest of six kids, once dubbed an introvert, Abigail says: “I was an extreme introvert, but life had its way and a bit of both now, and now I know what I want in life”. Abigail is a mom, and she is setting the record straight, starting with herself and her education.

Abigail is a Debtors Manager at a construction company that specialises in substations, power lines and fibre optics. She says she was inspired when she saw the online short course in Financial Management offered by MasterStart, as she wanted to further her knowledge in the finance industry.

The course had an overall positive impact on Abigail’s daily routine.

One of the biggest benefits of the course was the fact that she could work all day, see her kids and then sit with her studies once everyone at home was happy first. Abigail liked the fact that the online short course was: “User-friendly and the online support was great.” Now that Abigail has completed the course, she says that she was delighted with the fact that the course gave her real time working experience, specifically in cash flow and budgeting.

Abigail has started her path to success with MasterStart. She says she is going to invest in herself even further by obtaining her NQF Level 6 Financial Management diploma.

Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. – William Eardley IV.

No qualification is pure bliss. There are numerous challenges along the way and it helps to be prepared for them.

Abigail’s advice to any participants embarking on this online short course is the following:

“Even though I did not go online every day to go through the course, I suggest you go through modules every day to prevent having to sit 4/5 hours at a time to catch up”.

One of Abigail’s biggest motivations was the fact that she wanted to be a role model for her daughter, to show her what true dedication and hard work is really about. Dying inside to visit New York, Abigail now occupies her spare time with interesting books. She is currently reading the Art of War, further compelling her to tackle life’s challenges, head on.

This was Abigail’s first online learning experience. She remains resolute in her stance to continuously improve upon herself, and she says she will definitely tackle another online course in the future.

financial management short course testimonial

Project engineer: Nico Jackson

A day in the life of-human-resource-management-online-course

USB-ED Operations Management online short course testimonial.

Nico grew up on a farm and attended Agricultural School. His less than domestic upbringing saw him entering into the challenging and fascinating realm of Industrial Engineering. He graduated in 2002, but saw the need to keep himself relevant in a world that is constantly changing and is currently a Project Engineer at Parmalat Head Office in Stellenbosch.

Everyone has the desire to improve their quality life.

Nico felt the same and enrolled in the Project Management online short course from MasterStart, to shift from middle management to senior management. He says that “ The Operations Management course provides a solid foundation and gives a good understanding for the requirements at senior management level”.

More and more people are opting to study online, as work consumes the majority of their time. For Nico, the choice was simple. He said that the benefits of this course were tremendous: “Very flexible, never interfered with my work or my daily routine. Participants are able to complete the course late at night when nothing else requires your attention.”

Dreaming of career growth and success? Life is a never-ending journey and if you are not learning, it means you simply aren’t growing. Nico believes that this online short course was a drastic step towards future success. He says: “The course definitely helped me to mature in the work environment and taught me great skills, which I already use in my current position.”

Nico is a firm believer in remaining calm.

He is adamant, if you stick to your notes, remain calm and stress less, the course certification is achievable. He also adds that further investigation on the internet can enhance your overall understanding of a question and its relevant answer. This is the attitude that is going to help Nico reach his career goals. He says that he would like: “To complete a further leadership course and to register as a Project Management Professional”.

Nico understands the dynamic of the South African workforce, he knows that: “Career opportunities are limited, so distinguish yourself from others, make it count.” This strong mental attitude has led Nico to career growth and success, despite being a father to two small children, which require heaps of his time and energy daily.

We are living in a new world and we need to constantly engage with the world to stay up to date in our chosen fields and industries. Nico admits that even though this was his first online experience, it was very important for him to set a career president. This, in turn, will see Nico undertaking more online courses in the future.