Online participant, Joris Goudriaan: construction project manager

Construction Project Manager

USB-ED project management online short course testimonial. Joris Goudriaan has seen the world with open eyes from a very young age. Growing up in Italy and thereafter leaving for Belgium at the tender age of 14, Joris has an array of experience in Operations Management. After he finished University in Brussels, Joris started one of the […]

Debtors manager: Abigail Bock

USB-ED Financial Management online short course testimonial. Born and raised in Knysna, Abigail stems from an academic background. Her father, now retired, was a school principal. She is the youngest of six kids, once dubbed an introvert, Abigail says: “I was an extreme introvert, but life had its way and a bit of both now, […]

Project engineer: Nico Jackson

USB-ED Operations Management online short course testimonial. Nico grew up on a farm and attended Agricultural School. His less than domestic upbringing saw him entering into the challenging and fascinating realm of Industrial Engineering. He graduated in 2002, but saw the need to keep himself relevant in a world that is constantly changing and is […]